POSH Compliance

Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act (POSH Act) clearly lays down the various steps an organization should take to create a safe workplace for women.

Mandatory Steps Towards POSH Compliance:

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Internal Committee (IC)

Internal Committee is a judicial body formulated in an organization that has 10 or more employees. The Employer must pass an order in writing to constitute an IC. For example, if the organization is a private limited company, the order in writing for the constitution of an IC should be passed as a Board Resolution. The IC is responsible to handle and redress complaints on sexual harassment.

The IC should have 3 types of members. They are:

Presiding Officer
Senior level female employee
Employee Members
Committed to cause of women safety
External Member
Familiar with issue related to sexual harassments

What is the role of an External Member?

Here is a brief list of some of the roles that an External Member in the Internal Committee may perform:

Active involvement in formulating and reviewing the organization’s POSH policy.
Impartial role in handling and supervision of complaints related to Sexual Harassment.
Professional advice to the organization on implementation of POSH policy.
Participating in meetings to ensure proper implementation of the POSH policy.
Drafting the Minutes of Meeting for IC meetings.
Contribution to Annual Report preparation.

What is the role of an Internal Committee?

It is mandatory that one-half of the IC members are women and the presiding officer should be a woman.

Creating Employee Awareness

To create awareness on sexual harassment prevention, organizations can use:

Classroom sessions
eLearning courses
Awareness programs like “Sexual Harassment Awareness week / month”
Standees on POSH placed at areas like cafeteria where employees gather in big numbers.
Posters and banners on POSH sent through emails to all employees.
Short and engaging video on POSH launched in the HR portal or the company website.

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