Scientific research is one of the most exciting and rewarding

Artificial Intelligence

Artiscien is no stranger to the intricacies of machine intelligence. As opposed to natural intelligence, Artiscien has extensive experience in studying and drawing from the behaviour of intelligent agents in terms of machine learning and optimising one’s chances of success.

When we say extensive, we mean ample and diverse - companies like OpenAI, technologies like TensorFlow and Apache Spark, you name it. Our collaborations with OpenAI have stood the test of time. We make sure that we add value in our use of TensorFlow. And we emulate standards with Apache Spark.

Open source softwares for robotic simulation; scalable alternatives hatched from algorithms described in evolution strategies; highly sophisticated frameworks like rllb; scaling managers; and the identification, refinement, and replication of new ideas to build solid research on - Artiscien does it all. Mediocrity is something our clients avoid simply by zeroing in on us.

3D Printing

When 3D printing first gained momentum in the early 1990s, the founders of Artiscien knew that it was not to be missed out on. Today Artiscien has taken its knowledge in additive manufacturing to levels that were the scope of science fiction just years ago - 3D bioprinting.

Artiscien’s advances in the field are rightfully boastworthy. Additive manufacturing basically employs a digital model that puts together an object of desired specifications by adding layer over layer in what is a single, continuous run. It is the layering process that Artiscien has perfected, given that it not only simplifies but also makes possible the manufacturing of such complex biological elements as vascular networks and bones.

3D bioprinting involves sophisticated computerised design systems and medical imaging translation. These advances and translations have to be such as that which can be fed into 3D printers, and all this simply to engineer the propagation of healthcare. We strive to pioneer what they call ‘biological ink’.

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