Highly Secure

Rigorous security controls, followed by independent audit - Artiscien is practically synonymous with transparency and accountability.

Almost every modern-day start-up has something to do with data science, which means there is no denying it as a booming industry. What sets Artiscien apart in this paraphernalia of extraction and mining expertise are our highly secure methodologies to work with structured and unstructured data towards securely controlled access.

Our methods, systems, and processes have been homegrown and tested numerous times through practical application. Our relentless pursuit of security of systems, of data, of applications, and against threats gives us a reputation for having a micro-focus on risk reduction and identification of what can best be described as malicious insiders in the field of data science.

Innovative Model

Continually challenging ourselves is how our community is raised.

As we have always maintained, our clients’ job is to name their destination - Artiscien will not only ensure you are there well before industry standards, but also continue to add value to the collaboration, even long after it is over on paper, through state-of-the-art development and support models.

With us, it is habit to innovate at all levels of what we offer - products, services, processes, technologies, you name it. From what is readily available in markets, we find empirical innovations and spin them into highly specialised solutions for our clients. Whether your demand is new, existing, or unarticulated, we will make it a point to meet and surpass the same. It is just how we roll.

Cloud Based

We realise that the only way to ensure durability in this day and age is to go cloud-based. Artiscien, with its penchant for innovation and security, does just that.

Artiscien draws from its sense of community to create ubiquitous access to shared systems, methods, processes, and data pools. We put in minimal yet highly streamlined management efforts in our pursuit for coherence and economy of scale, yielding levels of utility our clients never even thought possible.

We work with high-capacity networks. We virtualise hardware. We truly harness the power of the Internet. The result is our own, highly sophisticated cloud system (designed by us from scratch).

Genuine Partnership

We extend our sense of community to everyone we work with, in a bid to plan for success that is relevant to today as well as to decades into the future.

Our partnership agreements are as much about brains as they are about the personalities of who we partner with. We make it a point to make clear expectations on both sides from the start; take stock of weaknesses; and gauge how a partnership with us would benefit your firm.

Partnerships should be mutually beneficial. What adds value to us is exceeding expectations, which we ensure turns into revenue for you.


We at Artiscien believe that when we embrace the best in everyone, we become the best ourselves. A company is nothing but a group of people working on the same Idea. If the people are great, the company is great. And so we have spent huge resources on recruiting the best people with technological excellence in their fields. We have also equipped ourselves with state of the art, productivity tools. Our team uses the best Cloud-first, Automation first tools to skim out all chances of human error, but still, leave in the room for human ingenuity. This allows us to build highly innovative models, in a secure environment for your business purposes.

By Innovative most people mean being creative and original. But we are not most people. We think that innovation is a result of hard work, no... smart work! Therefore, we have the best team and the best technologies to make innovative things. If your agency or company is in need of technological solutions like data center, Internet of Things, Block Chains, Virtual or Augmented Reality Solutions and much more than we are the best partner. We are also undergoing research in fields like Machine Learning and 3d Printing. We have the right set of people accompanied with the right set of tools, to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Our Vision

Modern technology is all about data and sharing data. Everything that you do with computers, or mobile phone, or on the internet is merely processing data, huge chunks of it. This allows us to do magnificent things. We can simulate theories, create virtual and augmented realities and a lot more. Technology has also brought us together than ever before. Two people from across the globe can seamless communicate, interact and collaborate on shared idea and make them a reality.

This also allows for the fact that many people can pitch in on a particular topic. This helps in brainstorming and gaining more perspectives. Now here at Artiscien, we take advantage of the power of data and couple it with the ingenuity of skilled minds. We have equipped ourselves with state of the art technology and software to bridge the gap in data sharing and data processing, to enable innovative technologies to blossom out. We believe in transparency, and we have the right technology to bring sustained value to internal as well as our external customers. Starting from our employees to our clients and shareholders, everyone stays in the loop, and no one in information deprived.

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