Making a difference through engaging organizations, building communities, and equipping individuals are at the heart of our work.


We help organizations and individuals grow into self-sustaining entities worth people's commitment. A company that strives to improve the lives of people and communities in which it operates tends to be ethical, excellent, and engaging. We help organizations uncover their enduring purpose and unleash their collective potential to deliver results.

What makes us different?

Articien was founded to create a startup ecosystem for the business. When we use the term "ecosystem," we refer to a group of people that includes all responsible stakeholders and grows both horizontally and vertically. We believe in making organizations grow through our early stage investment firm. Artiscien is a venture capitalist company in India with the goal to make any startup grow. We invest in early-stage startups so that they can be aligned with their main goals which can be taking care of any of the business verticals like hiring, finance, human resources, or legal aspects.

Our team knows how to execute the functions with proper planning and strategies to scale and grow your business 2x in every possible manner. With great knowledge and skills, our team is here to fuel the vision of thousands of entrepreneurs.

Altorum Leren

Artiscien is one of the best venture capitalists, here to believe in companies and to invest in their growth. We have invested in Altorem Loren and have helped them unleash the potential of IoT potential by conquering potential challenges.

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