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Strategic Planning, Datacenter Design, Construction Planning, and Operations:

The first and foremost important step is to plan for every aspect of the datacenter right from strategy till operation and management. Following points should be taken into consideration:

  •   Overview of the datacenter
  •   Strategic planning which include motivation, need and identify stakeholder
  •   Plan for energy requirement and sustainability in datacenters
  •   Plan for hosting.
  •   Site selection and consideration like dimension, future expansion etc.
  •   Consideration for modular datacenters which include its design, deployment, and other considerations
  •   Datacenter financial analysis: ROI (Return on investment) and TCO (Total cost of ownership)

Following should be properly planned and executed:

Following should be properly planned and executed:

  •   Architecture design: datacenter rack floor plan and facility layout design
  •   Mechanical design in datacenters
  •   Electrical design in datacenters
  •   Fire protection and life safety design in datacenters
  •   Structural design in datacenters: Natural disaster resilience
  •   Datacenter telecommunications cabling
  •   Dependability engineering for datacenter infrastructures
  •   Particulate and gaseous contamination in datacenters
  •   Computational fluid dynamics applications in datacenters
  •   Environmental control of datacenters

Data Center Technology:

Following technology should be taken into consideration for high efficient datacenter:

  •   Virtualization, Cloud, SDN, and SDDC in datacenters
  •   Green microprocessor and server
  •   Energy efficiency requirements in IT equipment
  •   Technological decision: Raised floor versus overhead cooling in datacenters
  •   Free cooling technologies in datacenters
  •   Rack-level cooling and cold plate cooling
  •   Uninterruptible power supply system
  •   Using direct current network in datacenters
  •   Rack PDU for green datacenters
  •   Renewable and clean energy for datacenters
  •   Smart grid for responsive datacenters

Datacenter operations and management:

Once datacenter is construction it is very important to have an automated, cost efficient operation and management.

  •   Datacenter benchmark metrics definition and measurement
  •   Datacenter infrastructure management
  •   Computerized maintenance management system in datacenters

Disaster recovery and business continuity

  •   Datacenter disaster recovery and high availability
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