AI NLP Engineer

Job Description :

The company has worked with more than 60 enterprises, bringing their business process automation idea to life – we, at the company are digitally transforming enterprises making them intelligent one AI worker at a time. This means not just huge cost savings but also enhancing user experiences

Responsibilities :

● Apply alignment techniques such as instruction tuning, reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), and parameter efficient fine-tuning such as p-tuning, adaptors, LoRA, and so on to improve use cases.
● Develop, Train, Fine-tune, and Deploy LLMs for driving embodied conversational AI systems including multimodal understanding, speech synthesis, image generation, and dialog reasoning.
● Study and develop cutting-edge techniques in deep learning, graphs, machine learning, and data analytics, and perform in-depth analysis and optimization to ensure the best possible performance on current- and next-generation GPU architectures.
● Measure and benchmark model and application performance and Analyze model accuracy and bias and recommend the next course of action & Improvements.
● Collaborate and innovate with various teams on new product features, improvements of existing products and participate in developing and reviewing code, design documents, use case reviews, and test plan reviews.




Experience : 0-5 years

● Strong programming skills in Python.
● Experience with machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras.
● Familiarity with document understanding tools such as OCR and text extraction techniques
● Solid background in state-of-the-art Generative AI, such as Large Language and Multimodal Models for different customer use cases.
● Solid understanding of ML/DL techniques, algorithms and tools with exposure to CNN, RNN (LSTM), Transformers (ViT, BERT, BART, GPT/T5, Megatron, LLMs).

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CTC : 19-20 LPA


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  • Location: Pune
  • Job Type: Offline
  • Working status: Experience
  • Working mode: Full Time

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