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By the time the potential founders of Artiscien had spent some time living and working in Belgium - this was way back in 2011 - they had already been itching to harness thought to action. The way they saw it, nothing but what Theodore Levitt had to say about technology companies made sense.

That was how Artiscien was born, your run-of-the-mill tech startup with an edgy difference - Artiscien had original products. No hackneyed ideas of merely linking up already existing businesses. Just tools perfected by their familiarity with technology and the ingredients of big-ticket appeal.

2016 was when Artiscien developed a presence in India. The subcontinent was going through a start-up season in terms of the overall business climate, and the founders knew they were taking the right decision. They knew the edge they had and exactly where their targets were. The diversification to consultation was both a factor and a consequence in this regard. There is no way a firm with a principle of action fueling it as strong as Artiscien would remain cooped up in products for very long, despite the bleeding-edge technology employed and tools innovated, as opposed to thoughts weaved. The result is what you see in front of you today!

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Sandeep Parira

Founder and Managing Director

Maryana Parira

Founder and Head of HR

Marry gray

Web developer

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